Killer Blog: This is how you do it, Damn

Now that I have created an account with top ranking blogging site I quickly realized the next step is to write a post and have people comment on it, thats what this is about.

But that apparently means that you have to first have people coming on to your blog, which sounded really tough till all sincere thanks to GOOGLE gave me an answer and it suddenly sounded so simple:

Step 1: Choose an interesting name. Damn I missed this one because I started it before reading this article.

Step 2: Write about something that interests others. Do you mean PORN? Karma vs. Kama

Step 3: Comment on other posts and they will return the favor. Now thats not cool, is it?

and thats not all. There are so many other complicated ones like choosing tags, incorporating scripts, link exchange, directory submissions, comments with signature lines having URLs to your blog, ezine submissions and others.

So here I am Wanna be a celebrity blogger and its only getting tougher.

But then I am a well read man and I have read something called as CYBERNETIC TRANSPOSITION technique, which says that if you want something then picture yourself as if you have it (like I KNOW IT), see I told ya’ that I will do it. So now its more of behavioral science. I will behave like a celebrity blogger:

I shalt not write anything which is not well researched and show as if its my 5 minute quick work which I did amongst hundred other things more pressing and important.

That makes you expert and your mistakes are overlooked.

I shalt not write about my life, routines, my dog thats not what they want. I shalt cover movie reviews, make money online, blogging tips (I already am), Gay-ism or global warming and likewise.

And I know nothing about all this the I will copy and paste it for you to read. Smartly. I shalt cruise.

I shalt promote my good side and the favor shalt be returned. Trick is to promote some other blogger. “Hey! I like his style” should be good enough. I must remain subtle.

Now you have established yourself as an angel of a blogger. Your readers will love you even more.

I shalt not log into your account 20 times to check for new comments. Thats really uncool and low life.

Make yourself believe that all this is a fickle worldly pleasure which only lets you down.

You must not answer every freaking comment on you post. Fight that carnal urge to type similes and lolzz and thankyous in your own comment section.

It might sound rude and cheeky to lesser mortals like you and me, but its time we stopped being just a human and move towards being a blogger.

I shalt must attract “I-so-f@$king-hate-what-you-write” comment. Bribe your friend to do so or have a fake ID ready for this. I must and so shalt you get this one.

It works. I have no reasons here but Yes it works.

Here I am feeling like a celebrity blogger already. And because I am I must say I really don’t give a damn.


Like I know it :)

Why this ?

Because from now on I will write about varied subjects and have comments on them and will discuss as if “I know it”

The truth however is that I might not be the best person qualified enough not only not to start and write about it but also not to be here in the first place with the intention itself to start a blog which is going to cover lot of things depending upon what I am thinking about whatever.

Sounds complicated but then its like “I KNOW IT”, so I be