Welcome to My Blog and thanks for doing so.

Here’s quick about me:

My name is Anubhav Sharma. I am gainfully employed currently with ESPNStar and in the past with leading digital advertising agencies namely Interactive Avenues & Mediaturf. For more details you can check my linkedin profile.

I am 31 or so, have 1 dog, 2 hammers, and a beautiful wife who also happens to be the coolest person I know. I enjoy playing IGI 2, reading almost anything, music, movies among many other small & big things life offers.

I care for our lovely planet Earth and use Blackle for my search queries which just is a black version of Google that saves about 15 watts of energy every time you use it. Multiply this with 200 million times a day and thats the energy we can all save together. So make a difference today and start Blackling…

Why Blog?


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Anubhav,
    The Internet has transformed how we communicate with the public, but there are still many challenges in making information easy to find. Since you cover web 2.0 in Something about Everything, I thought you might be interested in a study that my nonprofit published this summer about how people find information online. The study covers three groups: non-profit organizations and cities; web designers and firms; and the general public.
    The study was fascinating on a number of levels, and I invite you to read the executive summary or download a PDF of the findings at http://www.idea.org/find-information.html .
    The survey results sparked ideas about tools we could provide that might make finding information online easier. This fall, we will start beta testing a cool new new navigational tool. I don’t have your email, so if you are interested, you can sign up for our beta here: http://www.spicynodes.org/ or to stay abreast of our (very) occasional new projects, you can get our newsletter here: http://www.idea.org/newsletter.html

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