QR Codes – Bit.ly Edition

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Recently the popular link shortening service Bit.ly with billions of clicks on its several user generated links per month announced that now it will allow users to shorten links and automatically turn those links into QR Codes which is fantastic use of technology offering tons of uses and establishing that QR Codes are going to be more and more popular and widely embraced.

However, if your goal is an optimized code, bit.ly may not be the best place to produce your code while it does offer the ease of producing the same.

There are other generators that are well optimized that encode a variety of different types of information including, email, sms, videos, photos, wifi info, geo location, phone numbers, vCards, meCards and more!

Bit.ly however does bring an overall value to QR Codes by making it even easier for users to generate their own QR code by simply adding two letters to URLs and with billions of those already being shortened every month this could really be a huge push forward for the QR code industry.

How to Do it on Bit.ly?

To generate a QR code for your URL all you have to do is to put .qr at the end of the bit.ly link and that generates a QR code automatically. The new QR code appears on a new page with a bit.ly fish. Just right click and save the code and you are ready to go.

Alternatively, add .qrcode at the end of your bit.ly shortened URL and you get the code without the fish, right click and save your code.

The one you see here is the QR Code to this Blog generated by adding .qr to bit.ly link.

Future Tense

QR Code indeed leads you to digitize your print in turn offering you immense value and opportunities but the same however is not without a problem which with QR Codes is twofold:

a) Reach and b) Access

Regarding Reach, We would like to see the actual stats on smart-phone owners who have downloaded QR apps like ScanLife.

Regarding Access – of those owners, how many use them regularly to discover / access content.

The process for QR Code linking is still user-heavy. What’s sold as ‘Snap & Visit’ is more like ‘download app, see QR code, launch app, snap and visit’. That’s not a a great user experience.

Anubhav Sharma

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