Social Media Guide – Don’ts Series

While any basic search on web will lead you to several posts/articles on what to do for your Social Media Campaign’s Success, this post is the collection of very meaningful insights and effective links on Social Media Mistakes, Failures, Blunders and definite no-no’s.

Implementing what others have done already or similar is no guarantee for your success but avoiding the mistakes listed below will definitely serve as a better guide to make your campaigns more successful and unique experience, enabling you to engage with your audience and make the desired impact.

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media by James Clark (Room 214)

In his post James lists the 7 deadly sins most interestingly and insists that it is not in any particular order or represents any hierarchy; just identify the one which is the least of the seven evils and get away with it and then move on to eliminate the next as all of them are bad…
Download the PDF version here

Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them by Ignite Social Media

A 6 video series essentially is “The Top 5 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes.” plus 1 BONUS 6th mistake FREE. The must watch series for any online (social) marketeer:

Mashable’s Biggest Mistakes Made by Social Media Gurus

The post begins with David Spark admitting an error of his own of Responding to all Negative Comments which according to him is not very helpful besides being  too time consuming. According to him some geeks simply can’t help themselves being negative and would always have you wasting your time trying to resolve with them.

Well put list of errors in judgment from the people who should know better- top notch social media all stars. Read on…


The post is particularly good talking about the mistakes made in social media and interactive marketing campaigns with some very good examples. Examples are well analyzed and includes  that of British Airways’ Twitter presence and Slurpee’s social network, Slurpee Nation amongst many others.


A Must watch Ad Age Video: Social Media Mistakes of Five Big Marketers

This video is a speech given by Joseph Jaffe, head of the marketing consulting firm Crayon; criticizing the social media programs of 5 major marketers including Starbucks. In this video I Particularly loved the line where Joseph asks whether marketers are ‘in the business of commitment or campaigns’?


Twitter Edition:

Why I Suck At Twitter: Confession Of A Failure by Sunil Pathak where he talks about his own mistakes on Twitter

7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter from

If you have any case studies or good articles on this subject feel free to add them in the comments section.

Anubhav Sharma

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