Social Commerce – Levi’s using Facebook to populate Shopping Carts

With growth of the Social Networks it is only apparent that we will witness the growth also of Social Commerce, especially after Facebook announced crusade in Social colonization to spread it’s wings across the web.

Levi’s is amongst first to take advantage of it.

AWARENESS: One look at the Levi’s website and you can’t miss that it is now integrated with Facebook to offer it’s users a better shopping experience and enhance it’s reach riding upon Viral reach that latter offers. It straight talks about Like-Minded Shopping to entice users to participate in the same.

EDUCATION: Once you click on the communication in the next screen there is an intro video educating users as to how they can go about liking a product on their website by clicking “Like” without even logging or registering on Levi’

You can also watch the video on youtube

GOING SOCIAL: For each of the product, Levi’s encourages users to “Like” the products using standard social features from Facebook that also prompts viewers to be the “First of your friends” to like it. When your friend lands on the same product page s/he is able to see how many of her/his friends have liked that particular product to decide if they want to buy it.

SOCIAL COMMERCE: Now using the aggregated Facebook data, Levi’s is in position to populate a shopping cart that consists of items most liked by all your friends using the product.

This ends up providing for your friends shopping with you even when they are really not present with you, which indeed is awesome and should result into better sales.

Such functionality leads to the powerful WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) increasing the mouth of sales funnel which is recommended so all the more effective.

Anubhav Sharma


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