Next Big Advertising Platform? Facebook?

So it was not long back that Facebook outnumbered Google as the number 1 most visited site in the U.S. But does that mean that it’s just a matter of time that Facebook would become the number one most visited site Globally and hence, the Next Big Advertising Giant ?

After all we know that advertising revenues thrives on traffic.

So here we have an attractive advertising platform with huge traffic numbers and where you can target audiences based not only on demographics

but also the more powerful – Social Connections. (Note: both of which Google fails to provide)


Social Connections is such a powerful form of targeting because it’s based on the simple premise that the people you know and regularly interact with are more likely to demonstrate similar brand affinities than those who simply share the same demographic or psycho-graphic profile.

And we in Online Media just Love to Embrace the Targeting, don’t we? Targeting = Money Well Spent 🙂

Facebook also is able to link its ads with the User’s network of friends, giving advertisers the extra bonus.

Now when a friend  *Endorses* the ad, we do tend to give that ad a second look, don’t we?

The Marketeers have another need which is the length of exposure to their advertising message which again is more effectively addressed by Facebook than Google.

Add to this the fact that all users spend twice as much time on Facebook than on Google which essentially has to do with the purpose and the pattern of the site usage.

While Google helps its users to reach their information destination as quickly as possible, Facebook is about spending more time socializing and playing games on the site.

In all what it delivers is longer ‘Impression Time’ for more & more number of impressions, so more likely hood to interact with the ads.

Summing Up:

So Facebook is the platform that not only gives you lots of impressions (high traffic) with longer ‘Impression Time’ but also the impressions are only served to people you want (targeting) who in turn can endorse and so recommend it to be displayed to user’s social connections (trust) making it go viral and get you better results.

Future: What if Facebook someday releases it’s own search engine which combines both content algorithms and socialgraphics into one? Wouldn’t that be a perfect advertising platform?

Anubhav Sharma

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