Philips – Does it again, WOW

Q: So what do you do when your Client launches a new range of Televisions?

A: Anything but what Philips does 🙂

I mean we can always buy Home Page Takeovers, DHTML Banners, Page Tears and invest in Adwords right? Yes, Right! but only not.

I really enjoyed Philips Carousal when it came out a year ago, not just because of its cinematography but also because it showed how powerful online video can be as a brand building exercise if executed well.

PHILIPS – Does it Again

So when Philips launches a new range of televisions they articulate the core proposition that there may be numerous ways to tell a story but only one way to actually watch them – on a Philips TV.

To execute the same Philips teamed up with five directors from Ridley Scott Associates and challenged them to create a cutting-edge short film in any Genre they liked.  The one condition they were asked to comply to was that they all had to use exactly the same script!

Below are all the five films (for your ease only) but do view them in HD in the Parallel Lines micro-site here.  Enjoy!!!

Campaign Extension on Facebook

Philips also created a Facebook page to extended the campaign and engage with the audience.  The page is seeded proactively to produce lively debate and keep the conversation going.

It  already has over 52,000 fans = Captive Audience = a healthy pool of potential new prospects.

Anubhav Sharma

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