Burger King brings Augmented Reality to the Banner

Burger King AugmentedNow, It is indeed a good idea to show the viewers what the dollar resting in their pocket can buy and so the Burger King asked the audience to pull it out and put it in front of their web-cam to get the taste of their green-buck 🙂


With this Burger King has become one of the first brands to create an augmented reality banner ad, promoting its $1 Value menu in the US.

Users when hold up a dollar bill to the web cam they get their Augmented Reality Burger.


Augmented reality has so far been mainly the preserve of mobile applications and websites set up to show off the technology. Well done Crispin Porter Bogusky agency behind much of Burger King’s online work over recent years including a recent lie-detector test and the famous Subservient Chicken campaign.

There are also some surprises if you flip the dollar bill around too much. Nice work, and a good indication of where internet campaigns are going.

The campaign can be tried-out here if you have a $1 bill. No you don’t really need a Dollar Bill just take any paper or note matching the domensions and it works 🙂

Anubhav Sharma

3 thoughts on “Burger King brings Augmented Reality to the Banner

  1. Oh thanks for telling that any paper would do of equal dimension I was disappointed that I will not be able to experience because I don’t have a dollar bill.
    Also not any paper for example a blank paper of exactly the same dimension will just not work
    🙂 thanks your inputs helped

  2. Another innovative campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Idol talaga. I tested out this new augmented reality from Burger King and they really pushed the technology this time. No need to print out markers for this one – a one dollar bill will do to check out the burgers. Amazing what these guys come up with.

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