Social Media is fad (offensive)

Social Media is a Fad.

Yes, indeed it is because you are so dumb. So what was that you were saying?

1. Social Sites are essentially for kids

Now that’s some statement to reiterate your ignorance and speaking out your low self esteem almost immediately. Now when did you become the sample representative on your own? Listen dude if you are not visiting the social sites doesn’t even remotely imply that others from your age group and above are also not.

Knock Knock its not the world conspiracy in which you are not willingly participating righteously. You are only being dumb and missing the best party of your life.

Look at the stats and you will be surprised to find out that in the 6 month period ending July 2009 that Facebook saw 513% Growth in 55+ Year Old Users. You will surely be surprised to see the numbers on Twitter which can be accessed here.

The worst news for you is that if you really examine the stats, you are in for a big shock because most likely the sites you are visiting (Business News, Media Journals etc. is it? as Social media is bigger than Porn already) have the same traffic distribution or even better as on any of the popular social networking site. This means that social networks offer you same audience with better mind share so your campaigns are bound to perform and give better ROI.

2. Traditional marketing is a better investment

Now of course it is, ain’t it? And you are so primitive. Now here you just hate the ‘e’ rest goes just about fine with you. Your problem in this case is not being Social but being electronic. You are old school types who prefer meeting to a telephone call but that’s you.

We are not very different just that we exploit the understanding of human nature better along with the technology and make the whole thing much more measurable and so more answerable and rewarding.

So while you were sleeping or continued with burying your head in the sand things evolved:

–         Medium

–         Audience

And that pretty much changed everything else. There are now more ways to connect with people & fans looking for what you offer than there have ever been before. And audience is smarter so they want to talk and not just listen.

So while you are still exploiting the shout model in traditional ways audience is gone deaf and seeing you as somebody cluttering it all.

Can you afford to be thought of as spam?

control_freak_remote-full3. Where is and how to control

Control Freak! Is that what I am dealing with here or are you managing the media for some would be / conglomerate trying to establish propositions with the audience outside. Now are you the right guy for the job itself, I wonder?

As I see it Control is delusional, isn’t it? So what do you do normally? Do you tap the phones of your employees? Do you have any clue on what your sales people are telling your customers? Really? I don’t think so. Who is talking to the vendors at your company? That’s the additional exposure I am talking about works just like advertising!

Your business needs to learn to articulate and talked about so now there is a need for you to even involve your employees. That’s where everything with social media starts. It’s the communication and not the broadcast.

4. Something that’s just trending

No, it’s not. In fact it’s been around for more than 10 years but its role is become more defined now with more and more businesses getting to understand its power to engage with audience and not just being another medium to showcase. Things are just getting interesting business-wise now.

WOMM is what we have been talking about and here is your chance to ride on it. Social Media makes it so much simpler. One good word can reach millions in no time to give you the benefit that no traditional methods could ever deliver.

Now all of us know this one that if advertising were human then will get slapped if it talked the way it does. Remember that human speaking for your brand will always be more powerful and influential than any advertisement. For example none of my friend will ever buy iPhone unless 3G is launched in India.

Sorry but what’s your strategy otherwise?

5. I have tried Facebook; it did not work

facebookNow we can have this conversation till one of us is dead or you can just try and get it right. You tried Facebook because you are on it or your boss and everyone else in your organization is.

What was that you did on Facebook any which ways? Are you talking about creating a profile and adding others as friends? Now that’s lousy, why would I want to be your friend you are only trying to sell me something?

Or did you actually created a fan page? That also doesn’t work unless you spend time first establishing yourself with users and then ask them to help you reach out. Where are your curators? You created a fan page, quickly became a fan and then started inviting everyone else… So lets see who all are there other than Your Employees, Their Spouses, Your Vendors, Your Agency Guys and some of your and their friends you were invited and they pleased you.

An application: Wow! that’s way too smart. So your agency actually convinced you on that. So what was it about? Was it useful to Users so much so that they discovered it among million others and installed it on their Boxes sending feeds to friends and they also added it or were you heavily advertising to promote it? Users initially added but then soon the campaign got over and you removed it. Was the application really about Social Activity to engage users so the growth would come from the Viral and not ad dollars spent to keep it going?

Do me favor of answering the questions above and you will know what I am saying.

Anubhav Sharma

4 thoughts on “Social Media is fad (offensive)

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  3. The problem it seems is more universal as I face them all the time as well here in US. Liked the content on your blog will visit again.
    I am also going to share some interesting links with you as we go along and much appreciate you sharing some Indian case studies with respect to Social Media and how brands are leveraging

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