Pringles non-clickable Banner

Even when the first banner appeared on HotWired (now back in October1994 (Thank You, AT&T), people’s first reaction was not to click, but to ignore. And yet today we love to talk about CTRs always and try to conceptualize in accordance.

How about banners that are not designed to drive traffic to some other place but just display the message or being an experience in itself with some other evolved level of metrics to measure it’s effectiveness instead of vague click-through.

And honestly for many clients CTRs any which ways not make much sense as they would not have much of the proposition for visitors on the micro-site created. For example FMCG clients, with them having a micro-site is just a compliance with media requirement to have CTR measured by way of creating a banners leading to clicks and so on.

It’s amazing to see how wrongly this media is being sold? Most of such clients will have brand wise micro-sites where because they have nothing much to say/offer otherwise, they will plug in a game/contest and measure the success basis participation 😦Pringles

Recently I came across this campaign for Pringles – ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ motto which needless to say was indeed very well executed and banner was not clickable but complete experience in itself. It also is a great demonstration of the fact that you definitely need a good copywriter for your campaigns to work.

You can click the image to see the banner in working on bannerblog, just keep clicking your experience through… once you pop you can’t stop

Anubhav Sharma

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