Online Video Advertising

Online video ads are now suddenly hot among all with agencies pitching it for every campaign especially the ones Online Video Adswhich also have off line existence. Their work that ways becomes much simpler; the ad for the TV is good as online video ad, just get the TVC converted into flv format and you are good to go.

That is one reason that consumers really don’t know what to expect when it comes to online video ads with so much variance in formats, layouts, lengths etc. add to this the rapid growth of the online video ad market and then suddenly the fear of it’s loosing the sheen fast starts to crop up. And that is why early drivers, influence rs, providers, adopters need to ensure that it is sold right which indeed is challenging and certainly needs a better approach and understanding.

1. Targeting the right advertisers: It is no brainer to arrive at the low hanging fruits which is any| advertiser on television since such companies are already sold on the power of visual stimulation. The trick is to run after local businesses with lower spends clearly establishing the media wastage principles in any broadcasting medium which is not designed to address local needs and is not on demand media. Establishing how online video ads can be targeted and designed only to play on demand will surely increase the credibility.

2. Magic of Frequency Cap: This is indeed a powerful point to establish the quick superiority of the medium itself. Less media wastage is better ROI. Explain how person who is not interacting with the ad will not be shown the ad over and again leading to higher media wastage. Buyers must know that online video ads combine best of the online & television worlds. Video ads maintain the visual stimulation at much lower cost than broadcast television.


3. Creative: This is very important and sometimes tricky to grow the overall market. The players who are advertising big on television would want you to run with their TVCs as online video ad to which online audience may not respond. On the other hand mid size local players may not have the video commercial to run with.

Consider partnering with local production house and have good creative team support to come up with ideas that call for action in the video ads. This is important also because the most TVCs completely miss any such call for action which is much needed to establish the advance level measured interactions with the brand.

4. Packaging: Always try to package the video ads with other ads. This always improves the engagements, interactions and ROI. The pre-rolls, post-rolls are not clicked because users by default are not used to it however if you place 300×250 next to video player with the same brand & proposition then banners do get clicked more improving ROIs for the campaign. This also plays well because of the buffering time that video takes while the banner next to it will grab the attention. The text ads, video player skinning also adds lots of value and offers a complete powerful solution.

Video ads

5. Viewers are Impatient: Running 15 to 30-second ads before videos may deter online viewers, who are more impatient than TV watchers. “A pre-roll interrupts the fundamental experience of online video consumption. Ask your clients to customize their TVCs to suit impatient web audience. It is then imperative to respect user choice and settle for permissive marketing. The study done by eye-blaster found that when  0nline video ad was user-initiated it was viewed for much longer and with higher attention rates as compared to when it was on auto-initiation mode by 50.6 % to 27.6 %. (Source:

Anubhav Sharma

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