Playable YouTube Street Fighter

Okay, this is just awesome.

When I first landed on this video called Playable YouTube Street Fighter, I groaned, thinking it was another stop-motion animation video. But this is far from that, people.

Okay, It ain’t PS3, but it’s on YouTube and it works – that’s pretty clever. You can actually control what’s going on in this faux-game.

Patrick has created a version of Street Fighter using annotations to embed links to a series of smaller YouTube clips so don’t worry if clicking on the video takes you away from the page; it’s supposed to.

The video above is one of many you’ll be watching as you “PLAY” YouTube Street Fighter. You always play as Guile and first thing you do is to choose your opponent whom you fight against amongst E. Honda, Zangief or Dhalsim. Once you pick your fighter, a new window will pop up with Guile playing against whoever you picked.

In the next window again, four options are available to choose from:- A, B, X and Y each representing a specific move in the fight. You have to select one of those buttons in order to fight your opponent. When you pick a button, a new window will pop up showing you the move you just used. Guys, you don’t have long to make your choices, delay and your opponent will strike at you and you can’t press any of the buttons until his move is over.

YouTuber PatrickBoivin did a very impressive job here. There are more than 100 videos created for just this game. If you think this is awesome then check out Patrick Boivin channel on YouTube to see his other videos.

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Anubhav Sharma

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