Bye Bye 2008, Hello 2009

All right, so here I am writing my last post for the year 2008. As we move to 2009 it was nice to spend some time analyzing what went past and I must say that the year 2008 was quiet eventful for me.  

I indeed broke all the resolutions and that I was very quick with and obviously when I look back now can’t even recall which were they and when were they broken.

I now agree with F. M. KnowlesHe who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool. So this year, not being a fool anymore first thing is that 2009 is a No-Resolutions-Year for me. I will take it as it comes… 

I want to thank year 2008 for new friends it gave and old ones who stayed, new learning’s it gave, opportunities it brought, for the seasons and seasoning it delivered, and for so many memories which I shall not forget…

In all 2008 was a very interesting year for me, with both failures and successes.
But life is

Friend’s you’ve inspired me, consoled me, welcomed me and motivated me!

Thank you


I wish 2009 brings everyone peace, happiness and prosperity

Have a fantastic 2009


Anubhav Sharma


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