Live Reporting during Terror Attack – Who came with that?

This post is dedicated to all police officials and innocent civilians who lost their lives in yesterdays terror attack in Mumbai.

Watching TV today suddenly left me in fear and I wanted all these TV NEWS channels covering terrorist attack in Mumbai LIVE to just shut up.

Several foreign nationals are trapped in Taj Hotel… Terrorists are suspected to be in 9th floor… NSG troop has arrived in Mumbai… NSG commandos have entered the Hotel…

Let us just think for a while. Do we really need to know everything as soon as it happens?

I say, NO.


I want to ask NEWS Channels, Which Side are you supporting, while advertisers for sure support you?

Showing such news live, will be immensely useful only to terrorists and their supporters outside.

All we know is that militants are somewhere inside the hotel while thanks to the irresponsible NEWS channels and mindless content production they know all critical information about the operation working against them, like:

The teams location, estimated time of arrivals, the point of entry (no surprise element, they will be ready), comments and reactions from public, how many of their friends are dead or alive, morale of police, political outlook, Live visuals and so much more.

I feel this habit of indiscriminate live reporting, while a combat operation is in progress, can be catastrophic for the success of any military operation against terror.

What’s stopping the I&B (Information & broadcasting) ministry to think of banning this type of live reporting? They really were concerned about content on Fashion TV.


Anubhav Sharma

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One thought on “Live Reporting during Terror Attack – Who came with that?

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