7 Awesome features of Google Chrome

Indeed the best again from Google like Search, GMail, GTalk it’s going to be Google Chrome now. Take a look at some of the unique features that are only available in Google Chrome without need of any add-ons and you’re seriously going to miss them in other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera.

Why another browser?

Because now people are watching and uploading videos, creating and not only consuming content, chatting with each other and are using lot of applications. Today, it’s not all that important for a browser to render a lot of HTML quickly; browsers are now platforms in which you run applications: two, three, perhaps even a dozen at a time. Therefore, a good browser is one that can handle dynamic content without stuttering and crashing, Google Chrome is the answer.

Blazing fast

Google Chrome actually uses WebKit for rendering Web pages, the same rendering engine as Safari, which is known to be very fast. Put that in a simple, well optimized, stripped down shell and you get the fastest Web browser around. It loads fast, it displays pages fast, and we’re talking noticeable differences here, which really makes it a joy to use. Don’t just take my word for it, check out some early benchmarks

Intelligent Start Page or Tab

Google Chrome offers shortcuts for users whenever a new tab is opened. These shortcuts include your most frequently visited sites, site searches you often use, recent bookmarks, and even recently closed tabs (in case you want to reopen a tab). It may not seem completely accurate at first, but in time it could turn out to be a killer start page.

Visual Browser History

This is a feature Google Chrome borrowed from Google Desktop / Google Web History. Type Ctrl+H to open your browser history and search for a term.

In addition to matching pages, Google Chrome will also show you a small thumbnail image of that web pages in the history results.

Reopen Website tabs that you closed by mistake

This is one feature that I admire the most in Google Chrome. It takes time for a site to open and you hit the little cross on the tab and it’s gone, worst you don’t even remember the URL. Argghh.. With Google Chrome that’s no worry

To re-open a closed tab in Google ChromeG, simply hit Ctrl+T and you’ll see an option that says “Recently closed tabs” – click the one you closed by accident.

Has its own task manager

Google Chrome treats tabbed windows as separate processes. Nice, we’ve already seen that in IE8, right? But Chrome also has a nifty way to see what’s going on: a task manager. Similar to the task manager in Windows, it lets you see which processes are active (inside Chrome), and how much memory, CPU, and network resources they use. Beautiful. You can access it by right clicking Chrome’s title bar.

Incognito mode

Click the control icon in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser and you’ll get the option to open a new tab, a new window, or a new incognito window. Incognito window will fire up without appearing in browser or search history, and it won’t leave cookies or any other traces of your activity, except files you’ve downloaded or bookmarks.

Search Your Favorite Websites from the address Bar

Google Chrome automatically watches search boxes you use. Next time you want to search that site, rather than opening the page and finding the search box, you can use the omni-bar to search that site quickly and easily. For example, after one search at Amazon, I could make a second search from Chrome simply by heading to the omni-bar, pressing “a” and then Tab to auto complete the Amazon search. Doing that enables the Amazon search from the location bar (which you can see from the light blue box), so all you have to do is enter your Amazon search terms and hit Enter.

When you first install it, Chrome will offer to import bookmarks, passwords, and other settings from Firefox. I’m assuming that if my default browser were Internet Explorer that Chrome would import from IE. So go ahead and download and install it.

Anubhav Sharma

Post Updates

You’ll notice when navigating to different URLs is that Google Chrome highlights the root domain in every URL, presumably—among other things—as a sort of anti-phishing feature.


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