Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing 2008

Forrester is out with a report this week on the “Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing in 2008.” Jeremiah Owyang, who authored the report, has a great overview on his blogWeb Strategy By Jeremiah. Couldn’t agree more with his overall premise:

It’s true, most social network marketing isn’t being done effectively, why? Many brands (and their agencies) are deploying “interactive marketing” (user to website) experience rather than relying on the tools of social networks “social marketing” (member to member). As a result, many brands are wasting their time, money, and resources to reach communities in social networks without first understanding that the use case is very different than a microsite campaign. Don’t just take my word for it, research from Deloitte also suggests the same –WSJ

Forrester gives top honors to the BMW 1 Series campaign on Facebook What Drives You? A Facebook Grafitti campaign, much like some of the things Dell has done, BMW’s What Drives You effort is a nice example of tapping consumer creativity.

Full list courtesy of Owyang follows:

BMW 1 Series scores a 9
Mazda3 scores a -1
Chevy scores a 3
Ford scores a -4

HBO’s Entourage scores a 2
FOX News scores a -4
Disney: Enchanted Movie scores a -4
Sony BMG’s Alicia Keys scores a 7

Samsung’s Blast scores a -3
Dell/Microsoft (RED) scores a 6
Microsoft’s Windows Server Live scores a 6
Intel scores a -5

Consumer Products
Nike scores a 2
Kraft’s DiGiorno Pizza scores a 5
Pepsi’s Aquafina scores a -2
Mars: Skittles & Starburst scores a 0

Note: A passing score is a minimum of 8


Coca Cola goes Social with Coketags

Anubhav Sharma

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