Meet the Millennials

The Millennial Generation was born between 1977 and 1998 and are just about ready to enter the workforce. Members of this 75 million person group are truly the first generation to grow up completely online and this group is technically literate like none other.

Millennials are Multi-tasking all the time. They are studying while listening to music or surfing web for the better content for their assignments. Clicking and sharing videos & pictures while talking on the phone. Consuming content while generating it; in an infinite cycle. As a result, the marketing mix used to target them needs to evolve.

This Multi-tasking also calls for more reason to ensure that you utilize cross-media marketing and ensure consistency among your communications.

Millennials among other traits displays great deal of confidence. This happened because of the focus they received from parents and high expectations placed upon them well mixed with new found independence with the advent of cell phones, the internet, and other electronic forms of communication.

This resulted in social evolution. Socially, Millennials are different. No more Pairing-off, they are typically team-oriented, banding together to date and socialize. They work well in groups, preferring this to individual endeavors. The communication type they like is “from me to all

Millennials are worried about future so they believe in going green and supporting endeavors that are good for the environment.

At work they expect clear structure, transparency & goals. They respect positions and need mentoring which is authoritative. They need work related relationships and personal attention and care for stability.

The impact to marketers is undeniable.

Marketers need to understand what Millennials are doing in order to catch them, using various media vehicles. What information or entertainment they seek and how they obtain it?

Millennials are logging into their MySpace and Facebook accounts 3 – 4 times each day, sending instant messages to friends, and uploading their videos to YouTube.

Are you there?

Listen to their conversation. Today many businesses are simply failing at this. They are not listening to the conversations that the Millennials are having about their products or their company.

To start with sign up for Google Alerts, visit Technorati and see what individuals are blogging about.

Create accounts in FaceBook and MySpace and other Social Media. Just put you name out there. You must ensure that your company has a space among social media outlets.

One thing to keep in mind though is to not be overly commercial. Millennials don’t like anything which is forced on them, they get offended. Rather, be genuine and let your prospective market understand what you’re really about and what you stand for.

Communicate on a personal level. Create a two way dialogue with your audience. Give them an opportunity to speak to you.

Let them rate your products, share comments, or share their experience with friends, providing a forum to socialize is essential. There is no need to be afraid, feedback only makes you better for times to come. Just implement and fine tune.

Focus on consistent messaging. Regardless of which media type you use (email marketing, direct mail, adwords, etc.), keep your messaging consistent. If you say one thing and do another, or change your messaging frequently, you will not be building the trust necessary to ensure lifetime customer value.

Be creative. When your marketing is creative, it can very quickly gain momentum. With the advent of YouTube, Flickr, and Delicious, messages are quickly shared and distributed.

Don’t force the issue. Rather, create something meaningful, fun, and worth sharing. Before you know it, the Millennials will be sharing and distributing information about you and your brand.

It is indeed given that your marketing efforts to Millennials is not a small undertaking but you don’t want to miss it all together and loose it all simply because you were afraid.

Millennials are your new Consumers now.

Anubhav Sharma

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