Offset the Evil

If you have not watched the movie “Condemned” then most likely you have not played the game as well launched by Sega called “Condemned 2” and which means that you also will not understand why you need to “Offset the Evil

The movie was about the reality show for which a rich producer buys 10 prisoners on death row and put them in a desolate island to fight against each other to death with freedom going to the sole survivor. So you had to kill all others if not for freedom then to at least survive or they will kill you for their freedom…

Sega was quick with launching the game on the same theme and but obvious is the success.

Condemned 2 is a brutally horrific game. You’ll commit all kinds of unspeakable murderous acts and you’ll see things you wish you hadn’t. The experience could well leave your soul in tatters.

That’s why Sega is doing its moral duty and allowing people to offset the evil.

On the site you have a calculator that helps you calculate your Evil Score. Application is very well linked with the game Condemned 2. So once you have the score you know how much you need offset.

To offset – its simple just play the games on the site. There are two games in 1 you catch the lollipops thrown by clown and distribute it to children and make them happy. Good Karma surely. While in another you are a clown-on-cloud watering plants. Good Karma again, indeed.

Web 2.0 ? Indeed.

You can also find or write and link a post, video or picture reflecting Good Karma in the Forest of Fairy Flowers to erase your sin footprint.

All this is just enough to re-visit the scarring black horrors of Condemned 2 once more…

If this is Interactive Advertising then what do I do? I wonder…

(Anubhav Sharma)

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