Audi A6 Digitally Yours

In India I am used to look at car micro-sites which are ugly to too plain or flat to showcase anything beyond the features and exterior and interior pictures and offering no experience beyond it.

The car brands too often tear apart their innovative brand image by launching cheap, ugly, old fashioned and uninspired websites forgetting that Image goes further than launching a nice product.

It’s also how you present- and wrap it.

Audi is an innovative car brand. And now Audi has taken it’s digital performance to the next level with the new Audi A6 micro site.

The site is experience driven and not only showcasing it with 36O degree interior/exterior view which most of us have used almost for all the car launches here in India. The design, interface and audio are integrated in a very nice way here. I really think many car brand managers should take a look at Audi.

This is how an innovative brand with ambition must reveal itself online. The video experience of this site is coolest I have come across.

With this micro-site Audi is digitally yours ;-)


3 thoughts on “Audi A6 Digitally Yours

  1. You should check out Jeep web site as well which is web 2.0 stuff… It pulls pic, videos, and articles from all over the web tagged Jeep and allow user to partcipate in discussions on their site. That another awesome stuff

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