Google Adword Creativity

Text ads can be smart, funny, and sometimes unintentionally hilarious when they show up in the wrong context.

The idea here is CREATIVITY like in any other ad format that differentiate you from others in the otherwise cluttered environment.

Somebody asked what you can do with words other than writing a small copy in Google adword program and making it most relevant to the keyword punched in.

Result of this thought: All the ads look just the same.

Is there a difference?

Which one should I click??

For those who cant really think beyond here are some collected ideas if not for you to get inspired than at least to be amused 🙂

Not quite as intended

Contextual text ads showing up in the wrong context can be highly amusing.

Buying a new brain, anyone?

Clashing interests

This one started as a joke but got the attention of Apple’s lawyers. They are very protective of their brand and forced the person behind it to remove this.


Great idea, and very suitable for digital design agency. They showcase how well they can handle the campaign to gain more attention.

(It was intended to work with mono-space font, though)

And here is an example of completely changing a rental car company’s approach to text ads.

The pay-off? A 47% increase in click-through

The potentially bad part about using ASCII art in your text ads is that Google seems to be actively filtering and removing ads with ASCII art.

Extremely well targeted

When Google shares plummeted early in 2006, the following, very well-targeted ad showed up. Talk about grabbing an opportunity.

There are plenty of other excellent examples of text ads out there. If you have links to good ones, please do share them in comments.


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