The Media Revolution 2050

This is an interesting video on the future of the media industry.

Too radical in my opinion, as most such predictions usually are. End of radio, TV, advertisement, books, abolition of copyright in 2020 after Lawrence Lessig, the author of Free Culture, takes over as the U.S. Secretary of Justice, etc.

Some are however on the mark. E.g., the concept of PROSUMER (producer + consumer) has already become mainstream, and is only going to gain further momentum.

Experience is the new reality.

(Must Watch)


7 thoughts on “The Media Revolution 2050

  1. Interesting video. I submit that as more prosumers create content (51% of Koreans with broadband have uploaded a video) and see others making money from their work, they will drive a re balancing of cultural attitudes and the development of resources that track, reward (attribution, money, other), and enforce restrictions on (more than a passive cc license) the use of their work.

  2. Great video. Excellently produced but it’s a bit too radical as you mentioned. I love the way they try to predict what the digital marketplace is going to look like in years to come. Crystal balls tend to break too!

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