PPC: You did not get it right

Your PPC campaign is not performing because:

1) Your selection of keywords is not right

Don’t bid on every keyword variation that you can think of. You’ll spend a lot of money for very few conversions. Instead, focus on long tail keywords – keywords that are highly focused.

For example, the keyword ‘shoes’ is too generic and while you’ll receive an abundance of clicks, you’ll likely receive very few conversions simply because people are rarely searching for ‘shoes’ they’re more likely searching for ‘custom made Italian leather shoes’, ‘infant walking shoes’ etc…

Focusing on the long tail keywords also means that you’ll pay less per click because there is less competition for those words and your conversion rate will likely be higher because you’re hitting a more targeted customer.

Don’t forget that people are often searching for local providers and you can add your city or state into your pay per click campaign. For example, custom made Italian leather shoes, Delhi’.

2) Your Ad copy Sucks

Please be creative or ask your agency to do better job. Write a copy that answers the search query instead of just throwing a message at the searcher.

Searcher is not impressed and your campaign suffers. If you can not write a good ad copy for a keyword that sells your business then ask yourself – is this a relevant keyword at all for me??? If not then please get rid of that keyword for it will never deliver you a conversion.

An interesting copy matching what you offer will first improve the CTRs and then the conversions on your site.

3) Your Landing Page talks of something else

A matter of relevance

What happened to relevance here?

I was looking for a laptop
I saw your ad which said that you have something called as “Laptop Loan”
I clicked on it
And here I am on a generic personal loan page on your corporate site
And it has a form

Sorry this is not going to work. Even if there is no Laptop Loan and it essentially is a personal loan then at least create a page which looks like a laptop loan page.

Imagine this that I click on the same ad and land on a page that had tied up with Dell or some eshop like future bazaar and had some helpful information on laptop care or how to choose section then not only I would have been engaged for longer period but also I would have most likely filled up the form if asked subtly.

I am offended by the form on my face first thing or the only thing on your landing page.

Opportunity of co branding (having Dell, Compaq, HP, eshops etc.) and cross selling (Laptop Insurance) is something which you completely missed out on. For that you have separate campaign with same keywords, isn’t it?

When it comes to creating an effective landing page, one of the most important elements that marketers need to master is the element of relevance – making sure that the visitor finds what they’re expecting once they click through your ad or organic search result. Does your landing page copy reassure visitors that they’ve come to the right place, or is there a disconnect between what your ad offers and what your landing page delivers?

So when it comes to creating relevant landing pages, focus on the big elements – make sure that your ad or search engine copy is consistent with your landing page copy. But take advantage of the opportunity to expound on your ad’s theme a bit more – after all, you have many more available characters on your landing page than you do in your PPC campaign creative. Reassuring visitors that they’re in the right place will increase conversions.

4) You are not bidding for your name

Smart? Not really.

I was surprised that when a client said that when I type my company’s name as search query I get my site as a top natural listing. Wow! But that’s how it is suppose to happen isn’t it? So what’s the Wow! thing about it?

And this surely doesn’t mean that you don’t bid for your name. Believe me.

It is a very cost effective means of getting more impressions. Consider bidding on your name and your name and geographic region. Not only will you receive more impressions but you’ll be able to clearly see how many people are searching for your business and you can use this statistic to gauge growth.

Note: If your competition is targeting your company name as a keyword, consider taking legal action. Report them to the search engine in question and draft a letter asking them to stop.

5) You are failing to track and test

When you set up your ad campaign, utilize the learning tools available to set your campaign up correctly from the beginning. There are numerous tools to track every visit to your site by the exact keyword, campaign and ad group used.

This tracking and testing can be done by establishing variables or by integrating the pay per click campaign into your website analytics software.

Don’t forget to look at more than the click through rate. Conversion rates are the real money makers. An ad that has a 50% click through rate but a 1% conversion rate compared to an ad with a 20% CTR and a 20% conversion rate costs significantly more for less profits.


4 thoughts on “PPC: You did not get it right

  1. Adwords PPC is still one of the fastest ways to increase traffic and increase your business. It’s not easy to learn, but is well worth the time and effort. You provided a very nice understanding of what many do wrong with PPC. Nice Post.

  2. Thanks for a nice post and easy language to highlight the problems with PPC campaigns. However I have still not understood that why getting more page impressions by bidding on your own name should help my campaign though I agree that competition must not be allowed to bid on your name. If you could please elaborate on the same. Your landing Page explanation is very right but then landing page is a science in itself. Keep posting.

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