Web two point ohhhh

As if it was not enough already. We now have web 2.0

So whats web 2.0?

So what is web 2.0?
Web 2.0 isn’t a thing, its a state of mind.

Now that sounds thoughtfully enough.

While surfing the web I landed on www.go2web20.net and what I saw was a list of web 2.0 startups. And for some unknown reasons I was disturbed. When you are done here then also visit www.killerstartups.com to get another likewise list.

So if you haven’t heard of names like Zattoo, Zingee, Jambo, Koonjy and only know of ibibo (balti fame) and facebook-s of the world then unfortunately you are just not there. All these names are also promising web 2.0 ventures.

What are they about, you ask? Now come on thats simple to answer, they all allow you to share your voice, ideas, photos, videos and what not with rest of the world. It takes care of and establishes YOU at the center of it and is suppose to make your life more meaningful. So whats difference between all of them? A lot, read on…

Zattoo ? Yeah Zattoo, it allows you to take TV with you to work. Now thats interesting isn’t it. Or may be you want to use Famundo to make you control your family life better. All that you needed was a site here and you for nothing ended up being with a psychiatrist who asked you to ‘get off the couch’ when you told him ‘that you feel like a dog’. There is something for everyone, the companies struggling to reduce the cost need to have somebody sign on Zogix and bingo your cost cuttings are taken care of, you don’t need to fire people now. Vegetarianism is what you are still stuck with and we here have Menuism not a new type of diet plan but it allows you to rate the food you ate.

You don’t need, so I be – Web 2.0

And no thats not it yet. With web 2.0 will come identity 2.0 to establish you as you all along. But was this not about me in the first place? I wonder.

Wait till I give you Web 3.0


6 thoughts on “Web two point ohhhh

  1. Thanks for your comment and I agree on your point.Bu at least traditional ways of advertising also works pretty well in social networks. But there must be a better way to use the full potential of social networking…?

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